♫ Lydmor – Trust Tour 2013

Probably it was with Bottled in England in Melkweg 2012 and later at Nordic Delight Festival in Utrecht in 2013 that I saw Jenny (Rossander) perform live and fell in love with her fragile voice. That’s when I started following her on Facebook. Then suddenly this movie showed up in my timeline.. I just hád to respond. I sent her an e-mail straight away.

This is how it all started..

While I was biking through Vondelpark towards a concert in Melkweg I got a reply from her within an hour. Confirming she was coming over to Amsterdam to play in my living room. Surreal! That got me a bit hyper. More e-mails followed with all the logistics etc. 

I started to invite the friends of whom I thought they might appreciate this the most (since none of them knew who Lydmor was..). Luckily they were open to the initiave and trusted my taste in music. That was also a great opportunity to put my very diverse group of friends together. They normally don’t get to meet that often.

Jenny’s arrival on Saturday was a bit chaotic as her keyboard got lost on the flight so we immediately had to improvise. Luckily we first went to Leiden for her first living room concert and there we met a guy who was nice enough to borough her his keyboard for the show in my house. 

The concert had a very nice intimite feeling as we were only 20 people or so. I only knew the two friends I had brought with me. And for some reason I also had the feeling knowing Jenny already, although we had just met half a day ago. Someone arranged a piano so we had a beautiful acoustic set. A dark December night turned into a very magical one. People drinking glühwein and having this christmassy atmosphere. 

She covered this song from her boyfriends’ band Helmet Compass. 

Drugs In My Pocket

This is more or less what she wrote about it in Danish (blame Google Translate if it’s complete nonsense)

“I flew to Amsterdam on Saturday and was picked up by Alexandra, who had booked me for Sunday. She drove me to Leiden, where I played an acoustic show for a group of 20-30 people. Most of them were physicists. We were hanging out for a long time and drank beer and talked. I like people who are engaged in “geeky” things. I drove back to Amsterdam with Alexandra, she put on dreamy music, and for a time we drove, without speaking, while urban lights flew by in the night. Intimate moment with a stranger. 

The day after – show at Alexandra’s apartment in Amsterdam. First electronic show on the tour with a few tiny computer speakers. Another fantastic evening. Even a longer after party. Even more beer.

 I wish I could describe how it feels, Trust Tour. People are incredibly sentimental and happy when I play in their homes for them. It is so loving it all, and every evening when people go home, I get long hugs. It is very nice to feel that people get so much out of something that is so easy to do for me. I have little desire to use words like Karma and Good Energy. Lately I have felt very self-centered. Made my record, thinking about visual style for my band, planned my career. I have lacked the sense of giving. I am glad that the next month is in generosities theme. Whatever it may bring.”

I love the sentence about the intimate moment with a stranger. That’s exactly what it was. Such a gift to be able to describe a feeling so lively. 

When we got back home we stayed up all night and had good talks about life, love and so on. Pure bliss.

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