♫ Heather Nova – Sea Glass

In love with Heather Nova’s fragile but powerful voice since her album ‘Oyster’ in 1994, with impressive songs as ‘Truth and Bone’ and ‘Maybe an Angel’ which instantly throw me back twenty years in time.. Later albums never had the same impact on me but I kept trying.

With her new album ‘The Way It Feels‘ she’s cutting my soul in half again. In particular with the beautiful ‘Sea Glass’. But also songs like ‘Girl on the Mountain’, ‘On My Radar’, ‘This Humanness’. 
She is definitely back on my radar!

Now I’m standing on the shore of the Atlantic

With these seeds of love I planted

Under this majestic sky, why do I still wonder why?
All my hopes and indecisions, clouds that shimmer in the distance
Why do I still wonder why? Why?

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