20 things about me

In the context of my DayZero project that I started years ago, I forced myself to make a list of 20 things I like about myself. That proved to be a bit confronting and exciting. Especially to throw it out here. But I want to tick off that stupid box. Here we go.. I am funny I…

Smacked awake

Not sure how much more smacked awake I would like to be..

♫ Amanda Palmer – The Art of Asking

Amanda Palmer talks about the art of asking in relation to paying for music in this inspirational TED Talk, but I believe this works for so much more in life. If you truly connect with people they are willing to help you. Just ask. But asking makes you vulnerable, which appearantly is something that society sees…

Summer Sadness

A singing neighbour accompanied by an acoustic guitar Talks about passion and past at the poolside Nostalgic sound of crickets Sweet smell of lilacs Cold beer Walking home in a soaking bikini after missing the last bus Why is it so hard to follow the heart sometimes? Most beautiful shell I ever found. Cuesta Maneli,…

Fighting The Elements

Perfect spot to feel the emptiness of everything with all your senses. All the elements were there and I could feel them from within me. Still not sure if I’m happy to feel these things. A bit less wind and waves would do fine too. Maybe it’s just called being me.It’s in Tarifa by the…

It’s Not About The Nail

This one is still so ridiculously funny. And true! I could tell you a thousand examples. But I’m not..  This world would be a boring place if men weren’t from Mars.

4 meina twee minuten stilvoel ikals ik weer mag pratenmag ademenen aan iets leuks mag denkenstiekem een klein beetje opluchtingje zou hetbevrijdingkunnen noemenen dandan schaam ik mestilletjes[Merel Morre]

Fairly Cheap

Mooie manier om bewustwording te creëren! Denk na of je andermans leven er echt wel beter mee maakt. In Vietnam en India ben ik in naaiateliers geweest en dan is het best lastig te bepalen of je dat leuke jurkje nou wel of niet moet aanschaffen. Niet kopen betekent misschien geen werk en dus geen…


Helaas zijn er maar weinigen die dit begrijpen. Met hen is er dan ook snel een diepere connectie. 

Eye opener

50 mensen kregen dezelfde vraag: ‘Als je één ding mocht veranderen aan je lichaam…’ Confronterend filmpje over je lichaamsbeeld naarmate je ouder wordt. Wanneer start die ontevredenheid? Ik zou de tijd graag twintig jaar terug willen draaien. Of vanaf nu gewoon tevreden gaan zijn. Mooi project van Jubilee.