♫ Sara Hartman – Dance With a Ghost

Bit of a late discovery for me, but here’s a lovely new poppy song from Berlin based singer Sara Hartman. Can’t decide which one I like better. The acoustic ‘Stranger in a Room’ might even touch me more.


Director Laura Poitras made the best documentary I have seen in a long time. Hard to believe what I just saw is really happening in this century.  Laura started receiving anonymous encrypted e-mails from CitizenFour, who appeared to be Edward Snowden. He claims to have evidence of NSA spying on basically every US citizen and many countries…

Moby & Robin Schulz – Moonlit Sky

Moby has been making me happy with his music for almost 25 years now. The variety in his music is what I love most. From the punk rock album Animal Rights to the more electronic stuff on Innocents. Seen him live countless times. The energy is always amazing, especially when Joy Malcolm is accompanying him…

♫ The Smashing Pumpkins – Disarm

Waking up with nostalgic stuff. Music from the best period in my life makes me both sad and happy at the same time. This is my favourite song from their Siamese Dream album (1993). ‘Disarm you with a smile And leave you like they left me here To wither in denial The bitterness of one…

♫ Meg Myers – Lemon Eyes

Met deze heerlijke plaat van Meg Myers werd ik vanochtend wakker. Op slag zin om op te staan en energie om de dag te beginnen als zij d’r keel opentrekt! Haar nieuwe album ‘Sorry‘ komt deze herfst uit. Snel haar oude albums even luisteren..

♫ MS MR – Criminals

Amazing new song from ‘How Does It Feel‘, the new album of MS MR. One more week to go and see if there’s more similar stuff on it.

♫ Heather Woods Broderick – Wyoming

Wyoming, a wonderful, dreamy new song of Heather Woods Broderick, is out. It has been six years since her debut album has been released. In the meanwhile she has been touring with Horse Feathers, Sharon van Etten and Efterklang (together with her brother Peter Broderick). Glider, her second album will come out on 10 July. The video has been taken…

♫ Hana – Clay

L.A. lady Hana might be one to keep a very close eye on. Love the freshness of this poppy song that came out two days ago. It might end up on my roadtrip playlist..Edit 18 February 2016: the official video finally came out!

♫ Mree – Lift Me Up

Zo’n prachtige, fragiele en engelachtige stem. Perfect om een lazy Sunday mee te beginnen. Mree, pas negentien jaar oud, produceert haar eigen muziek en video’s.