A good friend convinced me last night to watch Beginners by director Mike Mills by mentioning this line from the movie: ‘Our good fortune allowed us to feel a sadness that our parents didn’t have time for and a happiness that I never saw with them.’ That sounded like my kind of feel for drama (as in movies that is).

After Oliver’s (Ewan McGregor), mother has died, his father comes out of the closet at age 75. He has been suppressing his feelings all the way through marriage with Oliver’s mother. His father, played by Christopher Plummer, dies of cancer not too long afterand Oliver gets to take care of dog Arthur. The story starts about there and goes back and forth to his childhood and the present where he meets Anna (Mélanie Laurent, amazing actress!) at a party. Anna can’t speak because of a laryngitis and writes everything down on a notepad. First thing she writes: Why are you at a party if you’re sad?’. That was my first cry during this movie.

Their relationship develops into something serious and you see the pushing and pulling which is heartbreaking to see. They both don’t know how to handle true love.

It kicked in big time because of stuff like this..

Hal: Well, let’s say that since you were little, you always dreamed of getting a lion. And you wait, and you wait, and you wait, and you wait but the lion doesn’t come. And along comes a giraffe. You can be alone, or you can be with the giraffe.

Oliver: I’d wait for the lion.

Hal: That’s why I worry about you.

Too many things too familiar.. They don’t speak a lot and when they speak, they say the right things. Love this movie!


Score: 8,5

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