Red Parasol on U Bein Bridge

Still my absolute favourite photo of my trip to Birma / Myanmar! Although shot with my iPhone and of lot less quality than my nice Nikon, here I got to capture that special moment when a lady with a red parasol passed by on U Bein Bridge. To me it’s like a little heart in the picture! Never before had I seen such a lovely sunset in my life. Although I have to say, Birma (sorry, I really like that name better) is pretty good at insane sunsets anyway. Of course the place is very touristy (busloads of Germans) and all, don’t let that scare you off. It’s worth it. It’s a very romantic spot for Birmese couples but I guess also if you’re not Birmese 😉 During the day you can have a nice stroll around the lake and see the fishermen doing their tricks. More of that to follow..

Pedestrian bridge U Bein near Amarapura in Myanmar is with its over 1,2 kilometers length the longest teakwood bridge in the world. It has been built over Taung Tha Man Lake around 1870 and has been named after the mayor who had it built. 
Ubein Bridge Myanmar