♫ Eels in Paradiso

Finally, seeing Mr. E. again after ten years. This time in one of the nicest concert venues of Amsterdam, Paradiso. Last time I saw him was at Rock Werchter in 2000, where the atmosphere will never be as intimate as at a gig. Especially not when it’s in an old church. Ever since the debut album Beautiful Freak from 1996, I have been in love with Eels. Reviews about this show have been very diverse though and I can relate to both sides. It was a strange concert. He looked weird (see below) and was playing very fast. But still, that voice!!! He didn’t disappoint me at all. Scroll a bit further down to see a couple of movies I shot. 


Grace Kelly Blues

3 Speed 

End Times 


She Said Yeah (The Rolling Stones cover)

Gone Man Summer in the City (The Lovin’ Spoonful cover)

Tremendous Dynamite 

In My Dreams 

In My Younger Days

Eels – In My Younger Days

Paradise Blues 

Jungle Telegraph 

My Beloved Monster 

Spectacular Girl 

Fresh Blood 

Dog Faced Boy 

That Look You Give That Guy 


Part I Talkin’ ‘bout Knuckles 

Mr. E’s Beautiful Blues 

I Like Birds 

Summertime (George Gershwin cover) 

Looking Up  


Baby Loves Me 

Eels – Baby Loves Me

Encore 2:

I’m Going to Stop Pretending That I Didn’t Break Your Heart  

Encore 3:

From Which I Came/A Magic World

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