♫ Novastar in Paradiso

Een week voor mijn vertrek naar Spanje ben ik nog een laatste rondje concerten aan het doen. Dit is mijn laatste concert in Paradiso. Heerlijk boven op het balkon zitten genieten met twee fijne vrienden. Joost is als vanouds in vorm. Na het optreden gaan we traditiegetrouw nog even bij de Koe op de Marnixstraat tosti’s eten en Duvels drinken. Deze band maakt me al zoveel jaren gelukkig dat het niet uitmaakt dat ik vannacht op een luchtbedje in een leeg huis slaap.

Fall Down
Closer to You

♫ Chromatics – Paradiso

As in love as I was with Chromatics before this concert in Paradiso, as in unlove I was after this totally uninspiring gig. They just didn’t seem to be enjoying the audience at all. Over even worse, they didn’t seem to notice so many people had come out to see them. Big desillusion because I had really been looking forward to it. Paradiso deserved quite a bit more than that! See for yourself at the playlist I made.


I Want Your Love

Into The Black

♫ Eels in Paradiso

Finally, seeing Mr. E. again after ten years. This time in one of the nicest concert venues of Amsterdam, Paradiso. Last time I saw him was at Rock Werchter in 2000, where the atmosphere will never be as intimate as at a gig. Especially not when it’s in an old church. Ever since the debut album Beautiful Freak from 1996, I have been in love with Eels. Reviews about this show have been very diverse though and I can relate to both sides. It was a strange concert. He looked weird (see below) and was playing very fast. But still, that voice!!! He didn’t disappoint me at all. Scroll a bit further down to see a couple of movies I shot. 


Grace Kelly Blues

3 Speed 

End Times 


She Said Yeah (The Rolling Stones cover)

Gone Man Summer in the City (The Lovin’ Spoonful cover)

Tremendous Dynamite 

In My Dreams 

In My Younger Days

Eels – In My Younger Days

Paradise Blues 

Jungle Telegraph 

My Beloved Monster 

Spectacular Girl 

Fresh Blood 

Dog Faced Boy 

That Look You Give That Guy 


Part I Talkin’ ‘bout Knuckles 

Mr. E’s Beautiful Blues 

I Like Birds 

Summertime (George Gershwin cover) 

Looking Up  


Baby Loves Me 

Eels – Baby Loves Me

Encore 2:

I’m Going to Stop Pretending That I Didn’t Break Your Heart  

Encore 3:

From Which I Came/A Magic World