Bride on the Beach

Northwest of Matalascañas, close to National Park La Doñana, you find many enchanting beaches like this one. You can reach Cuesta de Maneli by traversing a wooden walkway through the pine and juniper covered dunes. This beautiful 1,2 km walk will take you about half an hour. 

At the end of it at 112 meters altitude you will be rewarded with a great view over the Atlantic and the natural monument Acantilado del Asperillo. This is a system of fossil dunes that covers an area of twelve hectares along the coastline. No sign of civilisation as far as you can look. Except for some lost bride on the beach maybe.. Wedding shoots at the beach are very popular in Spain, including diving into the water with dress and all. Maybe it’s just me missing the point of it.

Cuesta de Maneli -La Doñana
Walkway towards the Atlantic

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