♫ Rebekka Karijord – The Noble Art of Letting Go

Two years after posting this song by Rebekka Karijord for the first time, it still makes me cry instantly. If you look at her own emotions while singing it, it becomes even more moving. Usually I don’t listen to the lyrics but these seem to be written for me.. Oh, that luggage. It IS a noble art..

No new cities lovers friends
can make you feel complete

The sense of loneliness remains
no matter who you meet
When all you pictured failed
and all your dreams are crossed
remember that your strength is also built
on what you lost
The noble art of letting…
Your blind spot is rejection
and you’ll be on your own
when youre petrified
of all that’s warm and real
invisible scars take forever to heal
The daylight will soften your mood
come now accept what’s good
No new cities lovers friends…
The noble art of letting go

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