Ólafur Arnalds, JFDR – Back To The Sky

Foto afkomstig van https://olafurarnalds.com/

Deze IJslandse componist ontbreekt helaas nog steeds op mijn lijstje ‘live gezien’. Samen met de eveneens IJslandse artiest Jófríður Ákadóttir (JFDR) produceerde Ólafur Arnalds een prachtig dromerig liedje zoals alleen hij dat kan. De sfeer doet me denken aan de donkere nachten zoals ik die van Scandinavië ken. Buiten bij het vuur zitten, een hemel die uit elkaar spat van sterrenpracht. Dekentje over je benen.

Jófríður heeft een kriebelig mooie stem die me bekend voorkwam. Na wat speurwerk bleek ik haar inderdaad te kennen van Samaris, een al even fantastische electro/triphop-band waarin Jófríður de zang voor haar rekening neemt. Back To The Sky is perfect om bij in slaap te vallen en is daarom te vinden op mijn Night Magic playlist.

♫ Vök – Muziekgieterij and Gebr. De Nobel

Vök is an Icelandic electronic/pop band with Margrét Rán as a vocalist and Andri Már on sax and keys. After being enchanted by their music for a year, I finally got the chance to see them live. Even twice! First in Muziekgieterij, Maastricht and the day after in Gebr. De Nobel in Leiden. Although Muziekgieterij is a very nice location, the loud and drunk students ruined the concert a bit for me. It was hard to focus on the music. In Leiden the atmosphere was a lot better and I guess that’s why they did an encore.

Vök in Gebr. De Nobel – Leiden – 9 March 2016
‘Before’ is the first song that I heard from Vök and I fell in love with it instantly. The combination of the sax and Margrét’s delicate voice is just perfect. And this year the love grew even bigger with their latest single ‘Waiting’. Now waiting for a full album and hopefully more shows later this year.

♫ De grootste muzikale impact – 2015

Torgeir Waldemar – Streets
Meg Myers – Lemon Eyes
Blaze Foley – Clay Pigeons, rare live
Heather Nova – Sea Glass (live)
Bahamas – Lost In The Light (official video)
Whilk & Misky – Burn With Me
Jones – Hoops
Lydmor & Bon Homme – Things We Do For Love

Of luister gewoon op Spotify de hele lijst die ik in 2015 grijsdraaide.

2015 Grijsgedraaid

♫ Broken Twin – The Aching

Nice and dark, the way I like my Scandinavian songs. In my opinion Broken Twin is of the best Danish bands from the last years. Considering a Danish festival (like Spot Festivalnext year more and more.

WARNING: do not listen before going to bed!

It’s dripping from the ceiling
It’s everything I see
And that old sinking feeling
Is rushing over me
Everybody knows what the aching means
Nobody wants to belong
Somewhere in between what you wanted
And what you didn’t want
If there was laughter
Would that have made you want it more?
If there was no past here
No one else before
Everybody knows what the aching means
Nobody wants to belong
Somewhere in between what you wanted
And what you didn’t want

♫ Lydmor & Bon Homme – Things We Do For Love

No need to explain my Lydmor love to anyone again I guess. But the project she has done with Bon Homme is just amazing. Her fragile, sweet voice in combination with his deep manly voice makes me melt. These two are lifting each other up. Instantly fell in love with this song.

This is the first single from their upcoming album ‘Seven Dreams Of Fire’ – out 6th November 2015. Two more months to wait!

♫ Rebekka Karijord – The Noble Art of Letting Go

Two years after posting this song by Rebekka Karijord for the first time, it still makes me cry instantly. If you look at her own emotions while singing it, it becomes even more moving. Usually I don’t listen to the lyrics but these seem to be written for me.. Oh, that luggage. It IS a noble art..

No new cities lovers friends
can make you feel complete

The sense of loneliness remains
no matter who you meet
When all you pictured failed
and all your dreams are crossed
remember that your strength is also built
on what you lost
The noble art of letting…
Your blind spot is rejection
and you’ll be on your own
when youre petrified
of all that’s warm and real
invisible scars take forever to heal
The daylight will soften your mood
come now accept what’s good
No new cities lovers friends…
The noble art of letting go

Petter Carlsen – Sirens

Petter Carlsen is once again cutting through my soul with this song. Let it speak for itself..

I don’t know where this is going
but yeah I do intend to come along
I don’t know what I’d be doing
If you decided to move on

It’s like sirens through a peaceful night
It stings you and you turn to fright
Its pain that never goes away
you better run and don’t look back for me
I’m not there

I don’t know where this is going
Every now and then I feel apart
I don’t know how things are meant to be
Every time I’m with you I am me

It’s like sirens through a peaceful night
It stings you and you turn to fright
Its pain that never goes away
you better run and don’t look back for me
I’m not there

Fear that you might not hold on
Fear that you might not stay

♫ Vök – Waterfall

‘Breath in for the last time..’ It actually really feels that’s what I’m doing while listening to this hypnotic song, I forget to breath.. Too bad this feeling is not represented in the video, something dreamier would have suited me better. ‘Waterfall‘ is taken from Vök’s new EP ‘Circles‘. Vök was founded in 2013 and means ‘hole in the ice’. Having a soft spot for music in unknown, incomprehensible languages, especially the Nordic ones, I was already in love with their previous EP ‘Tension‘.

Hoping for a miracle (or just a new job) to happen, I hope to be able to see them later this year at Iceland Airwaves festival in Reykjavik! Until then they end up on my Night Magic list.

♫ Kate Boy – Midnight Sun

Finally Kate Boy has announced their long-expected debut album. It’s called ONE, and it’s out in November. You can listen to their new song ‘Midnight Sun‘ which was recorded in Stockholm last December. For now only through the Pitchfork page but hopefully it will be possible to listen on Spotify soon!

Update: clip is out! Happy listening!