Have been waiting since 2014 for the new album from Novastar’s Joost Zweegers but this year it’s finally gonna happen. The new single ‘Home Is Not Home’ is already a winner for me. The concert he gave in Melkweg yesterday was a nice mix of old and new songs; The Best Is Yet To Come, Caramia, Lost and Blown Away, Home Is Not Home and the beautiful encore Kabul ao. Melkweg upstairs is a very nice setting with unfortunately very uncomfortable seats. Best view you can get is from the balcony though.. See below a couple of songs I shot with my camera. Maybe it’s because it was his 3rd concert in a row at this venue but I had the feeling Joost didn’t give it all. The best is yet to come..

Score: 7.5

Novastar – Kabul
Novastar – The Best Is Yet To Come