This week I finally got to watch Amy, a documentary about the life of Amy Winehouse. It is composed of lots of short home video’s which really give you a good insight in her life. Although I am not a big fan of jazz I was touched deeply by her story. Her talent is incredible and she seemed very humble about it. She JUST wanted to make music, not necessarily be famous.

Having harmful people like her husband and father around her didn’t build up to a strong self confidence of course. Towards the end she seemed to be owned by the world and not capable of living her own life any longer. She started using drugs and alcohol as an escape and that together with her boulimia became fatal to her body.  At one point she even said she would have loved to give her talent back in return for being able to walk on the streets without being harassed all the time. That really summed  it up for me. The pain she must have gone through is unimaginable. Such a waste.

One of the songs that touched me most was this one:

Score: 8


Have been waiting since 2014 for the new album from Novastar’s Joost Zweegers but this year it’s finally gonna happen. The new single ‘Home Is Not Home’ is already a winner for me. The concert he gave in Melkweg yesterday was a nice mix of old and new songs; The Best Is Yet To Come, Caramia, Lost and Blown Away, Home Is Not Home and the beautiful encore Kabul ao. Melkweg upstairs is a very nice setting with unfortunately very uncomfortable seats. Best view you can get is from the balcony though.. See below a couple of songs I shot with my camera. Maybe it’s because it was his 3rd concert in a row at this venue but I had the feeling Joost didn’t give it all. The best is yet to come..

Score: 7.5

Novastar – Kabul
Novastar – The Best Is Yet To Come

♫ Lydmor & Bon Homme – Things We Do For Love

No need to explain my Lydmor love to anyone again I guess. But the project she has done with Bon Homme is just amazing. Her fragile, sweet voice in combination with his deep manly voice makes me melt. These two are lifting each other up. Instantly fell in love with this song.

This is the first single from their upcoming album ‘Seven Dreams Of Fire’ – out 6th November 2015. Two more months to wait!