Paragliding – Parasliding

Ticking off on that bucketlist big time! I couldn’t have thought of a nicer place than Sierra Nevada to do my first time paragliding (or parapenting as they call it here). Weather conditions were perfect: 25 degrees, full sun and nice thermal.

In the morning I woke up jumping up and down like a child going on a school trip. Not nervous at all. But as we were driving up the mountains, I was getting a little nervous looking down. This was pretty high up, what had I gotten myself into? Nobody to blame since it was my own idea.. We needed to park the car and walk uphill for another 15 minutes with all the gear. Looking around at this amazing nature just immediately calmed down my nerves. Snow is already on the Sierra Nevada which gives it a special look on a sunny day like this.

As soon as we reached the spot we would jump from (which isn’t actually jumping but running), the guys were already spreading out the chutes. We got hooked up, put on helmets and a GoPro and then got the instructions on how to run.

The next part I’d rather not tell because my take off wasn’t that smooth and I actually was Parasliding 😉 When you start you have to run as fast as you can and you cannot stop until they say to. I found that pretty hard as I had straps around my knees that bothered me during running. But then we also had a tailwind which prevented us from being lifted up. And then… I went flat on my stomach for several meters. That’s when I got a little nervous it might not work.

Luckily my friend could start with good wind and she went up smoothly which gave me my trust back. Second take off was perfect and we caught the high thermal which made us go pretty high up. Really the coolest thing ever. Feeling what the birds must feel. It’s a very calming experience, just the elements of nature (and I ignore the fact that there was a man on my back). Landing was very smooth as well so here I am, wanting to go again tomorrow!

50 things that make me happy

Now I am not sure which list is more important to me. The previous one or this one. It is kind of funny to do this and see what automatically comes up. Guess it is pretty clear that I love to use my senses 🙂 This is also one of the boxes to tick off from the DayZero project. It was actually quite hard to stop at 50..

  • the smell of freshly cut grass
  • the smell of the sea
  • the smell of the woods
  • the smell of rain after a dry summer
  • touching the skin of a peach
  • going with my hands through fine sand
  • the feeling that I’m loved by friends and family
  • old people still being in love
  • travelling by myself
  • staring into fire
  • crisp sheets on my bed
  • the stars
  • the moon
  • pinguins
  • the sound of the waves
  • waking up at the beach all drowsy just before sunset
  • walking barefoot through the grass
  • M U S I C (preferably live)
  • reading
  • the smell of strawberries
  • symmetry
  • nature
  • hiking
  • taking photos
  • making things with my hands
  • decorating houses
  • good talks with friends
  • kissing and hugging
  • dancing
  • truly connecting with people
  • laughing till my stomach hurts
  • real chocolate
  • a home cooked meal
  • absorbing other cultures and write about them
  • clouds, and yes, still spotting figures
  • driving (a bit too fast) and singing to loud music
  • lonesome trees
  • waking up to the sound of birds in the morning
  • first spring sun on my skin
  • someone stroking my hair
  • observing people
  • wild flowers
  • the thought of what lies ahead of me
  • my grandmother’s old photo album
  • saxophones and trumpets
  • sweet notes in unexpected places
  • people with twinkly eyes
  • sheep
  • lying in a hammock
  • being with someone who understands you without having to speak

Very curious about yours!