♫ Vök – Muziekgieterij and Gebr. De Nobel

Vök is an Icelandic electronic/pop band with Margrét Rán as a vocalist and Andri Már on sax and keys. After being enchanted by their music for a year, I finally got the chance to see them live. Even twice! First in Muziekgieterij, Maastricht and the day after in Gebr. De Nobel in Leiden. Although Muziekgieterij is a very nice location, the loud and drunk students ruined the concert a bit for me. It was hard to focus on the music. In Leiden the atmosphere was a lot better and I guess that’s why they did an encore.

Vök in Gebr. De Nobel – Leiden – 9 March 2016
‘Before’ is the first song that I heard from Vök and I fell in love with it instantly. The combination of the sax and Margrét’s delicate voice is just perfect. And this year the love grew even bigger with their latest single ‘Waiting’. Now waiting for a full album and hopefully more shows later this year.

♫ Taxiwars at Muziekgieterij Maastricht

When I was invited to a concert of Taxiwars, founded by Tom Barman of dEUS, I didn’t hesitate to confirm. Even though I knew it was jazz, I was confident I would still like it as I tend to like live jazz. Never ever listen to it at home though. But the largest part of the concert turned out to be the kind of nervous jazz that I really don’t like. It wasn’t until the end that Tom finally left his annoying voice transformer alone and showed us his real voice. Which was as always amazing. The last half hour was actually very nice. Next time I buy tickets for Tom, it will be for dEUS..

♫ Petter Carlsen in de Muziekgieterij

Alsof het zo moest zijn, kwam Petter Carlsen vlak voor mijn vertrek naar Spanje naar de Muziekgieterij in Maastricht. Ik word belachelijk emotioneel van zijn muziek en al helemaal als ik op het punt sta om voor langere tijd afscheid te nemen van fijne vrienden. Een betere afsluiting kon ik me niet wensen. Het werd nog een vreemde avond met een bijzondere ontmoeting met iemand wiens hond Granada heette. Toeval bestaat niet. 

You Begin Where Everything Ends

The Race is On

You Go Bird

Even Dead Things Feel Your Love

One Of Those Days