The Silent Child


Usually I’m not that much into short movies. But as VRT broadcasted this one, I got curious.

In this 20-minute film we follow Libby, a 4-year-old girl with severe hearing problems, in her world of silence. Her parents seem to be too busy to actually be aware of her feelings. She looks a bit lost in her own world amongst her family. Nobody seems to really interact with her. That is until Joanne, a caring social worker, teaches her to use sign language to communicate. At that point the mother starts to feel left out as she doesn’t know sign language.

This film is made to fight for sign language to be recognised in every school and I strongly believe in that intention. Personally I haven’t even met a deaf person in my whole life, which shows how excluded they must be from our society. And even if I would meet someone deaf, I wouldn’t know how to communicate with them. Unnecessary, right?

Score: 8

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