The Silent Child

Usually I’m not that much into short movies. But as VRT broadcasted this one, I got curious.

In this 20-minute film we follow Libby, a 4-year-old girl with severe hearing problems, in her world of silence. Her parents seem to be too busy to actually be aware of her feelings. She looks a bit lost in her own world amongst her family. Nobody seems to really interact with her. That is until Joanne, a caring social worker, teaches her to use sign language to communicate. At that point the mother starts to feel left out as she doesn’t know sign language.

The Silent Child

This film is made to fight for sign language to be recognised in every school and I strongly believe in that intention. Personally I haven’t even met a deaf person in my whole life, which shows how excluded they must be from our society. And even if I would meet someone deaf, I wouldn’t know how to communicate with them. Unnecessary, right?

Score: 8


This week I finally got to watch Amy, a documentary about the life of Amy Winehouse. It is composed of lots of short home video’s which really give you a good insight in her life. Although I am not a big fan of jazz I was touched deeply by her story. Her talent is incredible and she seemed very humble about it. She JUST wanted to make music, not necessarily be famous.

Having harmful people like her husband and father around her didn’t build up to a strong self confidence of course. Towards the end she seemed to be owned by the world and not capable of living her own life any longer. She started using drugs and alcohol as an escape and that together with her boulimia became fatal to her body.  At one point she even said she would have loved to give her talent back in return for being able to walk on the streets without being harassed all the time. That really summed  it up for me. The pain she must have gone through is unimaginable. Such a waste.

One of the songs that touched me most was this one:

Score: 8


Director Laura Poitras made the best documentary I have seen in a long time. Hard to believe what I just saw is really happening in this century. 

Laura started receiving anonymous encrypted e-mails from CitizenFour, who appeared to be Edward Snowden. He claims to have evidence of NSA spying on basically every US citizen and many countries abroad. Laura and journalist Glenn Greenwald fly over to Hong Kong to interview Snowden who is staying undercover in a hotel. Bit by bit they publish the information he is handing them. He has risked his life, his family and his own soul to (it seems very carefully) reveal the fact that these citizens are not safe for their own government.  

What is happening to our freedom?

And a great song during the end credentials!

Oostvaardersplassen – De Nieuwe Wildernis

Adembenemende beelden in de prachtige Nederlandse documentaire De Nieuwe Wildernis deden me korte tijd later de Oostvaardersplassen van dichtbij aanschouwen. Om eerlijk te zijn had ik nog nooit van dit gebied gehoord.

De Oostvaardersplassen, die beheerd worden door Staatsbosbeheer, vormen een natuurgebied van zo’n 5600 ha tussen Almere en Lelystad in Flevoland. Het gebied is ontstaan na de drooglegging van de Flevopolders halverwege de vorige eeuw en is dus relatief jong. De Oostvaardersplassen zijn zeer belangrijk als moerasgebied en vele vogels gebruiken het als overwinteringsgebied.

Het droge gedeelte is vooral een geschikte leefomgeving voor runderen, (Konik)paarden en edelherten die men probeert op een volledig natuurlijke manier te laten leven. Het gebied is helaas – maar geheel begrijpelijk – beperkt toegankelijk voor bezoekers. Dat was ook meteen het jammere deel aan deze trip want ik had stiekem toch gehoopt wat meer van dit mooie gebied te kunnen zien. Er zijn verscheidene trails die je kunt lopen en fietsen en onderweg vind je diverse vogelspothuisjes. Als deze trailer je niet overhaalt..

Onderstaande foto’s geven een beetje een beeld. Ik heb ze geschoten met mijn iPhone dus ze zijn niet van de beste kwaliteit. Het gaat om het idee.

Score: 8